Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Woot! Got 'em!

Thank you, HamAlert!

I just finished working W2P just a little while ago!

HamAlert was chirping at me earlier in the day. They were spotted on 20 Meter SSB and 40 Meter CW. I tried listening on 40 Meters, thinking that I would have luck like I did the other day. No joy. I couldn't even hear the whisper of an ESP signal.

20 Meter SSB was better, but not much. I heard Matt, who was running the frequency, but he was very weak. If he was continuously calling CQ with no takers, he might have heard me, but he had plenty of stations to work that were much louder than me. That was a bust, also.

Around 2:00 PM this afternoon (1900 UTC) my cell phone started alerting me again. This time 40 Meter CW again in the 7.057 MHz neighborhood. Even though I was busy with a house project, I ran down the basement and popped in the earbuds.

Hallelujah!  W2P was a good 579 and I worked them on my third try.  Now I can get the two QSL cards and that certificate which enrolls me in the Signal Corp of The Continental Army. LOL! Now my Dad's not the only one who served in the Signal Corp.

I shouldn't make light of that, as he served in the REAL Signal Corp. during WWII. But I think if he were still around (he'd be 99 this year), he'd have gotten a kick out of it.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Congrats and I'm sure your dad would appreciate the effort. Happy New Year - K2DSL

  2. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Congrats for working us, and thanks for supporting the DVRA during this fun event!
    -Matt, KD2OTG

  3. Interesting application, after reading the instructions synchronized with ease with my clublog account. Have you enabled the sms feature? Thanks for sharing 73