Sunday, October 15, 2006

Don't stick your head in the oven ..... just yet!

Keith Hernandez, perhaps the first baseman the NY Mets ever had, is now a broadcaster in their TV booth on their TV home, Sports Net NY. During a particularly rough patch during the season, when the Mets were swept in a three game series by the Philadelphia Phillies, Keith was heard to say, "Hey Mets fans, don't stick your heads in the oven just yet!" Being an ex-player, Keith understands the long 162 game season better than any of us fans. And he was indeed, right. The Mets righted themselves and went on to complete a 97 win season.

Last night, though, a bunch of us were ready to open the oven doors and turn on the gas. The Mets won Game One of the National League Championship Series and were cruising towards a Game Two win when the vaunted Mets bullpen stuttered and gave away a 6 run lead. The Cardinals eventually won Game Two with a 9-6 score. Then in Game Three, Steve Trachsel, the Mets pitcher lasted less than 2 innings. The Cardinals bats took control, and they gained a 5-0 lead. Unfortunately, the Mets bats were anemic and the Mets lost, looking pathetic all the way.

After so many years of losing, we Mets fans are used to things going bad, and I guess some of us (judging from phone calls I've heard to WFAN radio) were ready to turn on the gas and open the oven door.

But the Mets bats came alive tonight with a vengeance! The young untested and erratic pitcher for the Mets turned in a gem; and the Mets have just won Game 4 by a score of 12-5 !!! The series is now tied at two games apiece. Mets fans have our ace, Tom Glavine, going in the next game, which just might get delayed one day by rain. That would be awesome, as it would give Tom his four full days of rest. Then the series comes back to Shea Stadium, where the fans are terriffic and are truly the "10th man" on the field.

Things are suddenly looking and Mets fans are feeling better. The momentum has swung once again; and hopefully the Mets will have completed dusting themselves off and will get back into the business of winning baseball games again. Six more wins and the NY Mets can be World Series Champions if everything goes just right.

73 de Larry W2LJ

Blogger's Note: Instead of watching the game on Fox; I decided to bring the radio down with me into the shack while I joined in the monthly "Run For The Bacon". The game was tied when I sat down; but soon after, the Mets started hitting and went on an offensive roll. In the spirit of true baseball superstition, I guess there's hits down in that metal folding chair I was sitting on! Maybe just maybe, that's where I will spend tomorrow night, listening to the game and pounding out CW while the Met's bats keep pounding out hits.


  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Hey Larry: To be the World Series Champs, the Mets must get by St. Louis and then face the Tigers!

    Just a note from a Tigers fan. Hi!

    73, Ned, W8VFM

  2. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Hi Larry: Just a note to say, "there is always next year!"
    Go have fun on QRP! See you in the ARCI Fall QSO Party.

    Ned, W8VFM