Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A most pleasant surprise

I came home from an exceptionally busy day at work today, feeling kind of crummy. It's that time of the year for me. When the leaves fall; and gather on the ground only to get wet and moldy, my sinuses go into rebellion. For the past week; I have been suffering from my annual October/November sinus revolt. I won't go into the symptoms; only to say that I'm left feeling worn out and pretty much blech.

However, when I got home there was an envelope waiting for me from the QRP-ARCI. Inside was a certificate for finishing 5th overall and top in New Jersey in the 2006 Hoot Owl Sprint. It was quite unexpected and most appreciated! I'm rarely a finisher towards the top of any of these QRP Sprints. There are so many stations out there that are so much better than my meager setup; and there are so may QRP ops out there who can dance circles around me with one arm tied behind their backs. To receive this certificate was so satisfying! It will definitely get framed and hung upon the shack wall.

So until it gets cold for good; and the mold spores die off; I'll continue to hack, sneeze and blow away until I start feeling better. Little surprises like this, though, make days like today just a little easier to take. Thank you, QRP-ARCI and Jeff Hetherington VA3JFF in particular, for making my day!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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