Monday, October 09, 2006

QSL Cards

While e-mailing back and forth with Brian KB9BVN, we got into a discussion about QSL cards with the Flying Pigs logo on it. For one of the few times of my life, the light bulb went on over my head!

The QSL printer that I use, features dedicated club cards for various organizations, such as FISTS, NAQCC and SKCC. I figured that if they print cards out for those clubs, they just might have an interest for doing it for the Piggies.

I contacted Sue with a rough draft. She cleaned it up and polished it off and between the two of us, we came up with the design above. The one you see is a black and white card. They are also offering the same card with colored type and a "pink Piggie" in the logo. Today, I got an e-mail from Sue that the cards are now officially part of the offering.

You can see them at:

Sue did a wonderful job! And her husband, Phil , is also a member of the Flying Pigs. CheapQSLs is kind of a misnomer; as the only thing cheap about them is the price. The finished product and the customer support are job A#1. Hal and Sue are so helpful; that it is hard to find another company that offers as much assistance as they do. CheapQSLs is an American owned and operated program that offers a quality product at a more than resonable price - that's a combination that's hard to beat!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Larry: I have several cards from this company, and they are great cards and terrific service. They get my repeat orders every time!
    Ned, W8VFM