Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I think I can afford a K3 now!

I think I can finally afford a brandy-new K3!

I looked at the "junk" folder of my e-mail program; and I see that I have won at least 25 different lotteries!

I have people all over the world (Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Iraq, the Republic of Benin, etc) who are just dying to send me money if I just send them my bank account information!

And now, I'm getting all these neat offers to start my own "work at home" business where I am GUARANTEED to make 6 figures every month !!!!!!!

Do you think I should send my order in now?

73 de Larry W2LJ


  1. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Yes! One for each major band and a spare for good measure. And with all that extra cash laying around, could you send me one too? You could probably write it off as charity. :-)

  2. Anonymous7:15 PM

    These e-mail requests are sent by desperately poor Africans who are anxious to obtain an American bank account. It helps them in their efforts to acquire a visa and eventual green-card.

    I know a west-european who would like an American green-card. This individual is a respectable, young senior citizen, retired, has a very good pension, income from property owned in western europe, and from a business sold at a good profit. This person would like to purchase a home in the States, but not if leaving every six months was required.

    All efforts to obtain a green card have failed.

    Illegal aliens with nothing to contribute are now given amnesty and cab fare to the nearest Social Service Agency.

    Figure it out.

  3. Anonymous9:47 PM

    What complete doggrel. You must be a troll. The so-called illegal aliens typically do work that others won't do and often for below minimum wage.

    Anyone with money can go where they want and live how they choose.

    Give it a rest, numb-nuts.