Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Field Day !

Happy Field Day!

I wish you all good luck; but most of all good fun!

Enjoy the sun and clear blue skies (hopefully) ! Enjoy the camaraderie, the excitement and the anticipation. Enjoy the operating, the food, the cold drinks and everything good and memorable that is Field Day!

Make sure to bring the sun screen and bug repellent and plenty of ice. And if a stray thunderstorm should come your way, disconnect that feed line and throw it OUTSIDE your tent, trailer, camper or whatever.

Show 'em all what CW and QRP can do! Make sure to take plenty of pictures, so you can look back on Field Day 2009 for years to come.

Personally, this is an extremely busy weekend for me; but I hope to get out at some point and join either the Carteret Emergency Management group; or possibly the DVRA (Delaware Valley Radio Amateurs) group for at least a few hours.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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