Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the trail

I really admire guys like Steve WGØAT and Jim W1PID, who pack up the radios and go QRPing from some really beautiful locations. As far as I'm concerned, their exploits can best be described as "Ultimate QRP". I look forward to each new post they make and each new story they tell.

Steve and Rooster and Peanut went out for a Father's Day hike this past weekend; and once again, Steve created an excellent video:

When Steve is on top of that mountain; and you get to see that view - wow! I wish there were spots in New Jersey that were so breathtaking. This video is the kick in the pants I need to start selecting a special place for Flight of the Bumblebees. Not that I am going to find anywhere as spectacular as that; but I'll do the best I can.

I also like Steve's reference to MacGyver (one of my all time favorite TV shows)! For the most part, Hams in general and QRP'ers in particular are pretty resourceful.

One question though, Steve ...... what did you mean by being "stuck" on CW all day? ;)

73 de Larry W2LJ


  1. As someone that has hiked extensively in Northern NJ and Southern NY State, there are plenty of beautiful places to hike to and operate. I have not done so since I got my license, but I used to hike 15-20 miles a day in the years prior to getting my license.

    Based on your location, there are county/state parks in the area and up north you have Ramapo and Ringwood and just over the border is my favorite which is Harriman State Park. You can go to the Palisades and even without hiking have a gorgeous view of the Hudson and NYC skyline. In Western NJ you can head to High Point State Park.

  2. That's a very good suggestion....

    When traveling and staying near NYC, I often hike the ridge above the Hudson River between Rockland Lake and Nyack. (along the edge of the Palisades). It's absolutly beautiful up there and a great view.

    The AT also crosses the Bear Mountain Bridge near Harriman Park.

    Not the view or elevation in Colorado but (for NY) pretty good!

    John N8ZYA

    ps....It would be nice to have a couple of "good" goats to carry the gear!