Sunday, August 02, 2009

Container for the K1

As I've been saying, I have been searching for a good container for the K1. I want to be able to put this container in a backpack; and carry my portable station that way. It's a lot easier, in my opinion, to carry gear using a backpack / rucksack instead of carrying around my Harbor Freight metal carrying case.

While grocery shopping today, I found what I think will be a great container at the A&P. It is one of these new Rubbermaid EasyFind Lid containers that they are now starting to advertise on TV. It is the 14 cup/3.3 Liter version.

The K1 with the tilt stand attached fits nicely inside of it. It's not the snuggest fit that I would like; but I have an idea on how to take care of that. I have some foam pieces at work that came inside some HP Procurve switch boxes. This foam was due to be tossed; but I put it on the side and saved it for myself. Some liberal application with a hot glue gun will create a nice foam padded carrying box that will allow me to carry the K1 in a pack without the worries of it getting scratched, dented or worse.

I'll post pictures as I go along converting from hard case storage to backpack storage.

The other thing I have to get myself is an inexpensive doublet carrier. Bob W3BBO, sent me a photo of how he carries his portable zip cord doublets along with him when he heads out for a day of operating. He's done a real nice job of using an extension cord winder for this purpose. I'll have to take a look in the local Dollar Store to see if I can find something similar.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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