Sunday, August 23, 2009

Website update

I updated my "Portable QRP Ops" page on my Website, with details about the switch from the aluminum case to the rucksack. It's just a rehash of what I have posted here; but I have put the details on the Website for permanent referral.

There was a thread started on the Monthly QRP Field Day e-mail reflector about "What do you take out into the field with you?". Ron WB3AAL is going to compile a database of all the answers given and should make it available later this week. It should be interesting; and it's always a good thing to learn a new tip or two from the Field Ops veterans.

The humidity is around the 85% level here in Central NJ. It's not terribly warm outside right now; only about 75 degrees or so. But if you go outside, it feels a lot hotter than that - it feels steamy and soupy. The next three days are supposed to be sunny and hot; and I think the humidity is supposed to go down a tad. It would be nice weather to go for a hike and do some portable operating. Too bad that things like "work" get in the way of that!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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