Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun and informative

Even though it's been years since I took my last official SkyWarn Spotter training course, tonight's event was fun and informative. The basic materials remain the same; and all the old information, embedded deep in the cerebellum came back quite quickly.

I got my new SkyWarn Spotter ID, which is good for the next three years until the next refresher is needed. There were a few South Plainfield CERT members present at the training as well as other Hams I know through the two local repeater clubs.

The presentation was done quite nicely and did not bog down or become boring. Kudos to the National Weather Service team for putting on a superb presentation.

The biggest change from my last training had to do with reporting hail size. While the National Weather Service is interested in report of hail of any size, they are particularly interested in reports of hail 1" or larger. It used to be 3/4" or larger; but they found that significant property damage does not occur until the stomes are 1" or larger.

The Sayreville, NJ repeater, K2GE is the local SkyWarn repeater for Middlesex County. 146.76 MHz is where we tune in the region when the weather gets nasty.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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