Sunday, June 13, 2010

PFR3A help

Boy, I wished this video was on YouTube back when I was having issues with my PFR3A:

Thanks to Lynn NG9D for sharing! This is one really nicely done YouTube video!

Also, I got the following e-mail from John K3WWP regarding my NAQCC Spring log entry:

"Hi Larry,

Great to have you back in our sprints and submitting your log. That's your second highest score in the 33 sprints you've been a part of. Nov 2009 was your best with 2520 points.

W4QO was operating from NC, not GA, so you may want to correct your log there. That added one mult to your total and made an even 1700 points for you. "

Guess I did better than I had originally thought.

One thing you can say about John is that he is the tops when it comes to records and statistics. That he noted the number of Sprints that I have participated in; and that he keeps track of my scores is mind boggling.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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