Friday, January 07, 2011

I am home ..... now to the radio!

Well, maybe in a day or two.

My surgery went well this morning. In the hospital by 5:30 AM and home around 2:30 PM.  I was surprised to find out that I was getting a general anesthetic and not the local I had thought I was going to get.  The operation started at 7:00 AM and I was awake; but quite foggy at 9:15 AM.  Thankfully there was no post-anesthesia nausea.  I can tolerate pain; but I HATE feeling nausea

My doctor had informed me that my parathyroid gland was about four times normal size and that my parathyroid hormone level at the beginning of surgery was a very QRO level of 400.  After the surgery, it was back down to a normal QRP range of 19!  There are no real precautions other that I can't drive for a few days until I regain normal range of motion of my neck.  It's going to be a nasty scar - the incision is about 6 inches long at the base of my neck under my Adam's Apple.  Sorry for being graphic!

I have to take calcium and Vitamin D supplements for the next year to build my bone density level back up to where it should be.  Thankfully, there's not much pain to speak of expect that my throat feels very sore from having the breathing tube inserted by the anesthesiologist.  Right now, it hurts to laugh and cough; but drinking and eating are not a problem.

But I will be home for a week; so I plan to get some radio time in this week.  Who knows, maybe I'll actually hear the Spratly DXpedition!  And maybe there's a kit or two lurking in the basement that I can get a start on.  Actually, I need to finish my NEQRP Club SCAF filter.  This would be a good week to do that.

So the prescription for next week is the "Four R's" - Relax, Rest, Read and Radio!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Glad things went well!

  2. I hope you get better soon. Great story. 73 from N2LRB. Jose B. Rivera

  3. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Hi Larry. I hope you have a quick recovery; the bright side of this is you get more radio time!!

    dit dit

  4. Hello Larry, good to hear that the surgery went well. I hope you feel well very soon! Take care, 73 Paul

  5. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Good morning Larry,

    fine to know that all went well for you.

    I wish that you have a fine recovery with radio and other nice things.

    From David Quental CT1DRB.

    Best 73.

  6. Glad to learn you are on the mend. 73 dick

  7. Good morning Larry, very good news that all went well. As for me it is very hard just to stay put and relax. The radio for sure will help that out.....looking forward to reading about all the DX QRP contacts you will reel in while recovering. Oh and then the stories of the ones that got away....:)

  8. Hello Larry,

    Glad to hear the surgery went well and good to hear about you're upcoming radio time. I really like the 4 "r's". Got to remember that one.

  9. Praise the Lord for a good outcome on your surgery. You may be surprised how little scarring there will be. I can hardly see the cut they made for my bypass surgery of 6 yrs ago! Amazing how technology and medicine has improved and become available.

    Looking forward to catching you on the air soon. I've been out of action for too long here with work, volunteer ministry and illness.

    Kelly K4UPG PB #173

  10. Paul N0NBD7:30 PM

    I wish you a speedy recovery, enjoy the 4 R times de Paul N0NBD