Saturday, January 22, 2011



That's what you used to yell as a kid, when someone was beating you at something, whether it be a game or a fight.  "Uncle!" meant that you had had enough.

Winter - 2010/2011 ........... "Uncle!"

I have had enough of winter one month into the season.  It's currently 8F (-13C) outside and it's around 9:42 PM local time.  Usually the low for the night will occur around 2:00 or 3:00 AM.  The forecasted low temperature for tonight is supposed to be somewhere around 1F (-17C).  And keeps brightening my weekend by talk of another blizzard coming Tuesday night into Wednesday.  Lord, I hope they're wrong this time!

I haven't been down the shack today playing radio, because it's just too darn chilly down there.  The indoor thermometer I have placed there is currently reading 55F (13C).  That's colder than places like TX or FL or CA get for FYBO!  It's just not comfortable sitting down there for long stretches of time - even with a long sleeved t-shirt, shirt and sweatshirt on, in layers.  And I don't want to plug in an electric heater down there only to drive up the electricity bill (and probably cause RFI, to boot!).

I've been burning wood in the fireplace all day and have kept the thermostat for the furnace at 66F (18C).  The main floor and the second story bedrooms are cool but relatively comfortable as opposed to the even cooler (make that cold) basement.

When I was a kid, I never minded the cold.  The older I get, the harder it seems to get.  I guess I'm just a Florida, Texas or Arizona kind of guy at this point.

Spring, anyone?

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Hi Larry, I am longing for spring. Winter is not my favorite season. I am glad to have the shack in the living room. Cons: when there is too many people in the living I can't work. Have a nice Sunday, 73 Paul

  2. Larry it's gonna be in the 60's here today - come on down! When we returned to TX after years in NJ/NY, we laughed at the locals who wear gloves and heavy coats when the temps dip into the 50's.

    As a native, I'm now a minority in this town which consists mostly of northerners and Californians - most of whom move here for the economy, not the wx:

  3. Hi,

    "Uncle" brings back the memories as a kid and yes shouted them a few times, usually with someone on top of me.

    Hope this weeks storm passes us by with a flerry.

    Best Regards -
    Jim W2KLM

  4. Paul N0NBD6:13 PM

    Hi Larry, I second he uncle! winter has been kinda cold here in Ks as well.Altho my oldest son moved home at Thanksgiving and is living in my radio room... My shack is now in the kitchen. At least it is warm... Have a good one and keep warm de Paul N0NBD

  5. UNCLE!! Enough of the snow! My hands are swelling from the handle of the shovel!:) I hope it will stop this week, I love he snow but not all of it..