Saturday, January 29, 2011

K6JSS Award in the Golden Jubilee Year

So far, K6JSS has been active in the states of Connecticut, Hawaii, Georgia and Texas.  Next up, beginning at 00:00 UTC Monday will be Kansas.  Of course the goal is to activate all 50 States this year.  And to that point, Ken Evans W4DU, the president of QRP-ARCI posted these points this past week on QRP-L.


1. A valid contact is considered an exchange of signal reports - QRP ARCI numbers are not required nor are QTH/Name/etc. But we suggest RST + QRP ARCI number or power out if not a member.

2. You can "claim" the K6JSS QRP ARCI number even if it is not exchanged. We all will know pretty quickly, if not previously, that it is QRP ARCI #1. If you don't know your QRP ARCI number, go to and click on "Member Lookup". Enter you call and your number will be displayed. If you are not a member, you can exchange power out in lieu of a number. Of course you can also join at and receive a number!

3. Requests for QSLs go to the address listed at for K6JSS. Please send an SASE. All requests for QSLs with an SASE will be honored. However, to control the costs and the work of our volunteers, we ask that you not request a K6JSS QSL for each and every state you work during the year. Of course if you require a QSL for an award, then we'll be happy to QSL with an SASE of course. Again, all requests for QSLs will be honored. Just use your discretion as to help us control the load. The QSL card design is complete; we are just tweaking it. We will not have cards to mail to you until approximately February 1. We will NOT be doing LoTW which we have considered because it is very complicated for this event

4. At the end of the year, special certificates (different from the QRP All States award) will be issued to any amateur confirming QSOs with K6JSS in 20 or more of the 50 states of the USA while running QRP. Endorsement certificates are issued at 30, 40 and 50 states confirmed. QRP ARCI awards do not require QSLs with the application for an award. Just a list that you prepare certifying that you worked the stations listed for the award and GCR - General Class Review of 2 General Class or higher amateur friends of yours. You can down load the GCR form on the site. This approach will be used for the Golden Jubilee Award.

5. If you miss a few states and are desirous of getting all fifty, we will present some opportunities at the year's end to pick up a few states that you may have missed. So if you find yourself getting a late start, jump in
and work what is on now.

We are encouraging K6JSS operators to work as many modes and bands as possible. Check QRP Spots ( ) often to determine who is on.


With propagation such as it is, working all 50 States worth of K6JSS stations will be a challenge.  It's nice to see that QRP-ARCI will offer a certificate for a minimum of twenty states worked.  As a confirmed paper chaser, I will do my best to work as many as I can in order to get one of these certificates to hang on my shack wall.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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