Sunday, January 02, 2011

Making good on resolutions ?

Well, I hardly think that two days count; but so far I have managed to make it on the air for the first two days of the New Year, anyway.  The first day was no big deal as it was Straight Key Night; but today is a bit different. In between cleaning up the house and putting gift boxes away and stuff like that, I have managed to find a few minutes of air time.

The bands are very quiet; but I did manage to work Eduardo CO8LY on 30 Meters using the HF9V.  I wished Ed a Happy New Year and wanted to let him know that he was a very strong 599 into New Jersey.  I also spent some time on 20 Meters and worked Pete 8P9NX in Barbados.  He was coming in very strongly and gave him a 599, also.  I got a 499 in return, which as a veteran QRPer, will take any day of the week with a smile.

Tomorrow, I go visit my "primary care physician" to get medical clearance for my surgery this coming Friday.  I am hoping to spend a nice portion of my recuperation time behind the rig, killing two birds with one stone ... getting some relaxation in and some QSOs in the log book!

One "resolution" that I have made for 2011 that did not appear on my posting the other night was that I have to get a new (maybe "different" would be a better word) laptop or netbook for the shack.  This Dell Latitude is not bad; but it is older and won't run newer, more sophisticated logging programs well.  The program I am speaking of in particular is Ham Radio Deluxe.  It works great on the family computer; but is a slow as a snail stuck in molasses in January on this laptop.  Whatever I get needn't be brand new; but it has to be faster than this beast.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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