Tuesday, January 25, 2011

QRP Hall of Fame.

It's nomination time!  Do you know of someone you think is deserving?  I do and I think I will send a letter of nomination (again).  I've nominated this person about three times now - maybe if they get tired of hearing from me, said person will finally be considered.  Well, it's worth a shot, anyway.


QRP Hall of Fame

Now is the time of year for the call for nominations for election to the QRP-ARCI 'QRP Hall of Fame'.

You can submit either real mail or internet nominations but they must include the following information.

Name & Call of person nominated
Name & Call of person making the nomination.

A full description of why you think your nominee should be in the QRP Hall of Fame HoF). Remember the voting body may not know this person and you must convince us the person is worthy. Things such as "John Doe is a great guy and always helps out at the club" will guarantee they will not be admitted.
Be specific in your recommendation and try to persuade us as to why your person should be in the HOF.

The voting body consists of the QRP ARCI Board of Directors, the President, the Vice President and the eight most recent members of the HoF. Nominations may be submitted by anyone, whether a member of the QRP ARCI or not. Similarly, membership is not required for someone to receive the honor, since this is an award to recognize those who have made great contributions to the QRP community, not just to the QRP ARCI."

If no nominations are received or the nominee(s) receive(s) less than the required vote two-thirds majority of the votes, there will not be an induction at Dayton for 2011. The BOD is adamant that it is not a
requirement that we will have an induction each year.

Please forward your nominations to BOTH President QRP president@qrparci.org AND to the Vice President vp@qrparci.org. Nominations in writing should be sent direct to Kathy Bromley and I at the following addresses:

Ken Evans, W4DU
848 Valbrook Ct.
Lilburn, GA 30247

Kathy Bromley, WQ5T
3424 Brooken Hill Drive
Fort Smith, AR 72908

The closing date for nominations is March 1, 2011. When a nomination is received, a confirmation e-mail or letter will be sent to the person making the nomination. If you nominate someone and do not receive a confirmation, we did not receive it. You will need to receive a confirmation to insure your nominee will be considered.

Ken Evans, W4DU
President - QRP ARCI


72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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