Friday, September 30, 2011

More things

It was a beautifully sunny day here in NJ, with warm temperatures.  I did get a chance to get out to the Jeep during lunch and did set up the Hamstick and PFR3A.  I didn't work anyone; but I did hear Paul WØRW/PM working KM6Z on 20 Meters around 1700 UTC.  I called Paul after their QSO was over; but he didn't come back to me; so either he QRT'ed or didn't hear me (way more likely).

I did call CQ for a bit before heading back in. Not so much with any expectation of getting answered (you never know); but I did want to see if I was picked up by the Reverse Beacon Network.  Sure enough, WE4S down in Georgia heard me calling CQ at 8dB above the noise level.  Not ear crushing; but at least I know I was getting out.

I bought these really inexpensive earbuds at the A&P to stick in the backpack for use with the PFR3A.  They're called Rock Candy earbuds and they're made by Mizco.  They cost me all of $4.99.

They're very comfortable and they're quite loud!  They deliver more sound than my Sony earbuds that I was using.  In fact, with the Sony earbuds, I had to use a Boosteroo audio amplifier and set PFR3A's volume control at the max to get decent sound levels.  Today, I was able to turn the volume on the PFR3A almost all the way down; and there was still more than enough volume.  Tomorrow, when I go grocery shopping, I plan to pick up another set or two; just to have in reserve.

Keep in mind that on Sunday, is the launch of  iHAB7, the latest effort by the Iowa High Altitude Balloon project.  There will be a 40 Meter beacon on 7.028 MHz.  Launch is at 1600 UTC.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. I didn't see anything on the iHAB site about what kind of antenna the beacon will be using. I'd think a looong end-fed trailing downward would probably really get the signal out; altitude and low TO angle.

  2. Larry just wanted to comment that I see the KX3 dream is alive and well on the W2LJ's blog...very nice added touch.

  3. Mike,

    Thanks! Yes, the dream is still very much alive. Not sure how I will get there; but I will - even if it's not the first batch.

    Larry W2LJ