Saturday, September 03, 2011

Oh crap !!!

Pardon my language!

Just got back from helping to decorate the Labor Day Parade float for Holy Savior Academy, where my kids go to school.  I decided to sit down and check out e-mail before going outside to mow the lawn.

I wandered over to the National Hurricane Center to check on Katia.  If she doesn't significantly change course, as of right now, New Jersey could be in the cross hairs late next week. In fact, New Jersey could be in the DOUBLE cross hairs next week!  If you look at the tracks for both Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Katia, there is a distinct possibility that New Jersey could be hit with a one-two punch late next week.

We still have about 30,000 or so people in New Jersey without power since LAST weekend.  Lord knows what will happen this time.  In any event, we'll be ready.  When I go grocery shopping later today; I am going to stock up on water, batteries and some canned stuff so that I'm not fighting the hoards at the last minute.

I don't remember getting hit with two hurricanes in one season in a very, very long time.  I think I was about twelve years old the last time that happened.  And the memories of that are spending all my time in my parent's house basement, helping my Mom and Dad pick up water from the basement floor as fast as we were able.

Such is how these things go - cycles.  This has happened before and will happen again.  I think they're going to find out someday how this is all harmonious - sunspots, weather, etc, etc.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. You're wishing for your own personal wx station right about now, aintcha?!