Monday, September 12, 2011


Trying to work K6JSS/7 - Jed (AD7KG) in Utah on 20 Meters and did not have any success, even though he was 599 and loud into NJ.  Guess reciprocal propagation is not always a sure thing.  Just as the herd was thinning out a bit, Jed's signal went from 599 to about 229 in a heartbeat.  Oh, well!

I tried again on 40 Meters a little later and came oh, so close!  A bunch of us were calling and he sent a "W2??" - so can you please tell me, for the love of Pete - why do W4 stations start sending their call at that point?  I could see a W3 sending his call at that point as 2 and 3 are so close in Morse.  But sending WU4"XX" over and over and over when he's stated that he's looking for a W2?  Oy vey! - the difference is obvious!  But the squeaky wheel got the grease and the "WU4" station, who was louder than me, I guess, got heard and beat me out for the QSO.  And then a little later, when he sends a "K4B??" - why does a K4 with a suffix that starts with an "F" feel he has to start sending his call?  Oh yeah,  "-..." and ".._." - they're so close as to be twins!  Well, at least he had the call district right.

Pileup discipline is not very good these days, I guess.  Rather than get frustrated (too late), I'll just try working him another night.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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