Thursday, August 09, 2012

APF made all the difference

in the 20 Meter Fox hunt tonight.

I worked Dave AB9CA first.  His signal strength was a bit different tonight as he is not home in Alabama, but is vacationing in Wisconsin.  Completing Fox duty while on vacation - now THAT'S dedication!

Paul AA4XX was another matter.  I could barely hear him when I did finally find him.  The K3's APF (Audio Peak Filter) made all the difference in the world.  At ESP levels when I first heard him, turning on the APF feature insured that when I finally worked him, I was able to hear him answer me back!  It took a barely audible signal and boosted it to a 449 to my poor old ears.

Thanks Elecraft, for a real neat (and usable) feature!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. APF is really remarkable isn't it, Larry. I never tried it until I got the KX3.

  2. Good morning Larry, yes the APF on the K3 sure is nice. I have found it has taken some time to get used too. I still have some troubles with it as the ringing I get from the APF at times makes the CW signal hard to read.