Friday, August 31, 2012

Cool - neat - keen!

I was playing around on 30 Meters and 40 Meters tonight, listening, tuning, calling CQ.  I had a very FB QSO with Rudi W8DJ on 30 Meters, where the signals were plentiful and loud.

After our QSO, I hopped on over to 40 Meters and heard a weak; but perfectly copyable CQ from VA3IED/QRP near 7.030 MHz.  So I decided to throw out my call, and sure enough, I got an answer.

The op's name was Scott, and he told me that he was on a camping trip to a remote island in Canada. Alarm bells immediately went off in my head!  I remembered seeing a video on YouTube about something like this!  I asked Scott if that was him and sure enough, it was!

Scott is back to the same island - canoeing out there and having a grand old time camping and playing radio, QRP style that is.  Last year's video told the tale of his PFR3A. This year it is Scott's new KX3 that has accompanied him.

During our QSO, he was about 539 and I got a 529 in return.  Not the strongest of signals; but very easily readable nonetheless.  As I sit hear typing this, Scott is in conversation with another Ham after taking a short break after our QSO.  I don't know if it's changing band conditions; or if he re-oriented his antenna, because he is an honest 579/589 into NJ now.

This is last year's video; so you can see where he is camping.  It sure is beautiful, that's for sure. I didn't ask Scott; but sure hope he's shooting more video this year, showing off his KX3!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Good morning Larry, that sure is a nice video from last year he put together. it sure did bring back memories from when I was in Boy Scouts as a young lad. We used to go up to Algonquin park each summer for a 2 week canoe trip. The follow year we would go up and do a 2 week hike. Thanks for loading up the YouTube video and putting it on your blog.

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