Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Learning something new

You never know when you're going to learn a new and better way of doing something. TJ W0EA posted this on the KX3 list, which led to (what I thought) was a fascinating discussion on how to coil and store antenna wire.

You'd think that winding up a wire antenna is a pretty mundane thing, eh?  But no, there is an art to it, so that when you're out in the field, you're not dealing with a tangled mess and cussing like a sailor on shore leave. I tried the method shown above and dang it! It works!

I love it when I learn a new way to do something better.

I am taking some needed vacation time from work on Friday and Monday.  Have to use what days are coming to me as I found out my department is being eliminated due to a contract change.  Originally, I was given to the end of August; but found out that I was extended until the end of October, in order to help train the guys from the new company that is taking over the contract.

But I digress. I still have a lot of yard work to do and hope to accomplish it over this prolonged weekend. But I am also hoping to perhaps get out to one of NJ's state parks to do a park activation.  Maybe Hacklebarney State Park which is located between the villages of Chester and Long Valley in Morris County. If the weather's nice on Sunday, perhaps the KX3 and the PAR can get a workout.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. After Stokes (in NW NJ), Hacklebarney was my favorite place to operate portable QRP back when I was first getting into it while living in NJ. Late October is beautiful there with autumn colors and that river.

  2. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Many thanks of the share - have posted a link to the video with our local club.