Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Work in Progress

I was visiting today and happened to see Tim G4VXE's post about a new logging program, called PZT Log.

I'm a sucker for logging programs and my search for the "perfect" one continues.  I do not have the knowledge or expertise to write one that would 100% suit my needs, so I go from logging program to logging program, like Diogenes.  He searched the world for an honest man - I am looking for my ideal logging program.

This one by Charlie MØPZT looks like it has the potential to be a winner in my book.  Not overly complicated - not too many unnecessary bells and whistles; but it might have to wait before I try it out in earnest.  So far, there is no ability to import ADIF files, so I cannot load my current logbook into it.  Once Charlie comes up with that fix, I am more than willing to give his program serious consideration as my primary logging program.

Currently, I am using AC Log by N3FJP.  I really don't have many complaints with it; but there are a few things in Charlie's program that I like.  Here's what I would like in an "ideal" logging program - and yes, if wishes were nickels I would be a rich man.

Easy to use - very intuitive, with no encyclopedia needed to use it  - if a logging program requires its own Yahoo group, that's more than likely more software than I need (I can be quite the dunce, at times).

Should include the following:
Capability to monitor TelNet Clusters
WWV information
Capability to interface with Google Earth
Import/Export capability of ADIF files
A world map with current day/night grayline display would be nice.
Be able to import QSL information from QRZ or some other such source.

Other than that, my needs are few. Computer control of the rig, Digital Mode capability, and all the other fluffy type things are not required by me.  At the same time, I want the program to "look good" on my computer - I got tired of Win-EQF's UNIX look and that's why I switched to AC Log.  I was using Ham Radio Deluxe for a while and liked it; but when they decided to charge for future upgrades (none of which I would probably be using) I decided to switch back.

Free is not a priority, but I have to admit that the concept is nice.

I am not technically savvy enough to fully describe my "prefect" logging program; but I would know it if I saw it!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Hi Larry, well, I don't know. I installed the program, the MMVARI engine is well known. I am too much addicted to Fldigi, I think the best software and complete. I missed the field for putting in the name receiving operator with PZT log. I now I can't deinstall the program from my computer. Aaargh... 73 Paul

  2. Hi Larry,
    Thanks for the comments on PZTLog - You'll be pleased to know that I've just updated the program to include a GreyLine window plus a very simple ADIF import routine.

  3. Hi Larry, strange, I posted yesterday a comment on this post, but it is not here. Maybe something went wrong? 73 Paul