Monday, November 12, 2012

Fits and starts with my antenna project

A lot has taken place since I first began thinking W3EDP back in October - family events, weather events, work events. In fact, so much has happened throughout this past year, that I am really looking forward to New Year's Eve and waving 2012 a hearty "Sayonara". This is one year that I will not miss.

But I digress.

After mulching the leaves yesterday and then raking and bagging the remainder that the mower couldn't reach, I took the time to grab a spool of 14 gauge wire that I had sitting in the basement.  I had intended to measure out 67 feet and cut it for the construction of said W3EDP.

Guess what - there was EXACTLY 67 feet of wire left on the spool!  Exactly what I need to solder onto the  end of the window line - no need to cut.  How's that for coincidence?

The extended forecast for this coming weekend is a nice Saturday and a crummy Sunday.  I hope to spend a portion of Saturday getting this wire airborne. The added bonus (if you will) is that since most of the leaves are down, it should be a tad easier to see exactly what I need to do.

The HF9V and the 88' EDZ are both working well; but I figure it never Hertz (sorry, I couldn't resist!) to get more wire up in the air.

It seems whenever I want to get something like this done, something always comes up to deter me from completing the project.  I am hoping that I will luck out this weekend, and finally finish!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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