Thursday, December 06, 2012

Morse Express 2012 Christmas Key

Have you been a good little Ham this year?  Maybe Santa will leave one of these in your stocking!

The 2012 Morse Express Christmas Key

In Celebration of the Season... Morse Express has commissioned its twelfth annual Christmas Key.

Our 2012 Christmas Key is a fully functional miniature telegraph key made by GHD Telegraph Key in Sendai City Japan. It incorporates traditional Japanese craftsmanship with GHD's impeccable engineering and finish.

In keeping with GHD's larger keys, the Morse Express 2012 Christmas Key is fully adjustable, with precision pin bearings at the trunnion, miniature binding posts, comfortable knob, and perfect balance. The contacts are hard-silver and the distinctive oval base is finished in satin chrome. The knob is hand-turned mahogany, and there are four small anti-skid rubber feet on the bottom. GHD's Toshihiko Ujiie uses both modern and traditional techniques to produce a miniature key that will be equally at home in the radio shack, in the field, or decorating a Christmas tree.

According to Marshall Emm (N1FN), "the Christmas keys have always been a labor of love for me, and my first priority has always been usability. GHD has brought considerable expertise to the manufacture of the Christmas keys, and the 2012 key is a little gem." The 2012 Christmas Key measures 2" by 1-1/8" at the base and it weighs two and a half ounces. Each key has a label with "Christmas 2012" and a unique serial number in the limited edition of 150 keys. The 2012 Christmas key will add something special to straight key operations through the Holiday Season and on Straight Key Night.

LT-MX12 Morse Express 2012 Christmas Key available at

Ho, Ho, Ho!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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