Saturday, December 22, 2012

That was fun!

Surprise!  The world did NOT end yesterday ........ and seriously, did you think for even the tiniest bit that it would?

But it was the shortest day of the year and Winter has officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere (Happy Summer to you folks lucky enough to enjoy it in the Southern half!).  So for once, I looked towards the dark hours, because at sunset the 2012 Zombie Shuffle commenced.  I made one QSO on 20 Meters with John K4BAI before being called to dinner.  After that, the family went for a drive to go view some Chrsitmas lights.

When we got home, I jumped on the radio - about 9:30 PM and stayed on for a little over two hours.  Much to my surprise, I heard not a Zombie soul on 40 Meters.  Even though I know that 40 Meters goes long, I expected to hear something there - but no dice.

For me, all the action was confined to 80 Meters. When all was said and done, 16 Zombies were nabbed including 4 Maya Kings.  Not great; but not as terrible as I thought it was going to be with 40 Meters out of the picture.

Thanks to all the Zombies and Maya Kings that made it into my log - and special thanks to Paul NA5N for running the event.

This afternoon, I went grocery shopping and you would have thought I went to a regular shopping mall!  There was traffic everywhere and a close parking spot was not to be found.  What is it about the Saturday before Christmas that makes seasoned motorists drive like they've never been before the wheel before? Traffic and crowds were a nightmare - glad I have all my Christmas shopping done. Now .... onto wrapping!

As Advent draws to a close and Christmas draws ever closer, I leave you today with a beautiful Advent hymn - "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel" which is being sung in the original Latin (it started out as a Gregorian chant) by Hayley Westenra who has an absolutely angelic voice.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Not surprised that the Mayans were wrong. Not only were they unable to see their OWN demise, but in the bible God promises to us that after the floods he would never do allow that to happen to us again.