Saturday, December 08, 2012

So here's the deal ......

I was sitting in the shack Thursday night, working the Fox hunt and I was looking at my K2.  It looks kind of lonely, sitting there idly, while my K3 and KX3 get all the duty time.  So I made a decision - my baby needs to go to a home where it will be the "star" and get the usage it deserves.  This radio deserves better than "back up" status. It really, really, really kills me to do this - but unlike others, I realize there are only so many radios that I can reasonably have and put on the air at any given moment.

This is K2 - serial number 4090.  It has the latest version of the main board in it.  It also has the following:

K160RX - allows 160M operation.
KNB2 - Noise Blanker
KAF2 - Audio Filter
KAT2 - 20 Watt built in auto tuner.

My K2 is CW only - no SSB module and it is the QRP version, it is NOT a K2/100.

Here's a picture:

I personally built this baby and after I had built it, I had sent it to Alan Wilcox of Wilcox Engineering.  He installed the KAF2 for me and perfected the settings of the filters and tweaked it for optimum output. This radio is the best!

Cosmetically, it is a 9.8 out of 10.  The case is PRISTINE and the only imperfections are a few minor scuffs on the face of the main tuning knob.

If you were to purchase all the components new from Elecraft, it would cost you $1090.00, plus you'd have to build it (and there is a rumor of a price increase from Elecraft at the beginning of the new year).  This radio, although used, looks and (even better) works perfectly.  AND it comes from a non-smoker home.  I am contemplating a price of $850.00, and I will cover the (domestic) shipping.  I have the original manual and will throw in the power cord. - Note: K2 IS SOLD

In the same vein, I am also offering up my PFR3A:

This includes the Baby Black Widow paddles.  There is an issue - a cosmetic one.  I clear coated the front cover of the PFR3A and it got smudged before the clear coat dried completely.  I'd rate this one as an 8 out of 10.  BUT ........... I ordered a new front cover for it; but have not had the time to put the decals on it, clear coat it and install it.  So this package will contain the PFR3A, new cover and decals, as well as the Baby Black Widow paddles.  Brandy new from Hendricks QRPKits, the radio alone goes for - $240.00.  I will let this one go with the extras described above for $200.  I will also cover the (domestic) shipping costs of this one too.

I am probably going to post these to QRP-L tomorrow evening.  If I get no bites there, then onto eBay probably Monday or Tuesday.  I'm giving my readers first crack.

I accept PayPal or money orders - and the above prices are not carved in granite. I'm willing to consider REASONABLE offers.  Please send an e-mail to if interested.  Please don't use the comments as they have been wacky with spam and I might miss your offer as I delete spam comments.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Oh Larry ... I hope you don't come to regret this.

    I have 4 HF rigs not including things like the MFJ Cub and they will have to pry my K2 from my cold, dead hands!

    Julian, G4ILO

  2. Good evening Larry, WOW the K2 sure did go fast....I am sitting here at the desk and the K2 has been sitting idle as well. I have struggled with the idea of selling it but the KX3 and K3 are doing the trick here.......still have to think things over. It sure does make a difference when you build the rig yourself.

  3. Julian,

    I regret it already! But if I want to acquire other Ham goodies, I need funds.

    As much as I am a dedicated QRPer, even I realize there are times when more power is needed. I hope to use the funds for getting the 100 Watt module for the K3. Sometimes it gets really frustrating when the DX just can't hear my 5 Watts. For THOSE times, it will be nice to have a little extra oomph.

    73 de Larry W2LJ

    Larry W2LJ