Thursday, September 18, 2014


This was posted to QRP-L by good friend and QRP Hall-of-Famer, Jim W4QO.  It was in response to another post by another good friend Pat KZ5J.  Pat is an avid DX'er, QRP Fox Hunter and an all around fantabulous op, who mentioned that he has, for the most part, given up on working DX with QRP. This was Jim's response basically saying, "Hey Pat, don't give up so easily".  It's a gem and it's worth re-posting here (for those of you who don't subscribe to QRP-L).

"Good show on the DX Pat.  I would not give up on QRP DX.  Here are a few things to consider:

1. Most of the logging programs (which by the way rejuvenated by hamming) allows you to keep track of things like power, band, etc.  I think it's  cool to be able to punch a button and see what the bands look like.

2. QRP ARCI does certificates for members for FREE so I use them for most of my paper chasing.  They also do not require QSLs/LoTW.  It's all honor system which when you get down to it makes sense for QRP contacts since having a card doesn't prove you were QRP.  It's up to you to be honest. After all, non-QRPers all think we are lying anyway!  So what.  I know what I did with 5 watts CW and 10 watts SSB, the international definition of QRP.  Your definition may vary; results too!

3. Wire antennas work fine for DXing.  I went for about a dozen years with  a horizontal loop at 35, then 50, then 75' and have DXCC on several bands with that before I put up a YAGI which does work better but not a whole lot better.  I enjoy using it for contesting.  Worked 102 unique countries last fall in the CQ WW DX contest.    My next challenge is to do DXCC with a #32 wire.  I'm eyeing the tree right now to put up a 125' enamel long wire.

4. Like Ron, we all have success stories about "busting pileups", "first  call", etc.  Really makes you smile!  It's a big thrill when you use QRP, a rig you built yourself, and attic antenna.  My friend W4JDS has 75 countries with his attic dipoles QRP.  Now he's moved into a house with trees!

5. I use every piece of technology I can find (other than remote receivers - I do use those - WEBSDR - to hear myself but not to work DX) such as  spotting networks, as VE7CC and DX Summit, Reverse Beacon Networks.  RBN now looks for the word TEST when you test.  So send TEST a couple times DE callsign a couple times and see where you are going with your signal.

I did snagged #258 QRP last Friday when the bands were wide open when I worked Western Sahara.  Had them with 600 watts 30 years ago but this was sweeter.  Propagation does 95% of the work.

Again, to each his own but I do like that QRP DX stuff and about any other QRP stuff such as SOTA and contests such as the Peanut Power Sprint -, building kits.  Frankly as Terry WA0ITP says, "I just love this QRP stuff!!!"


These are all good things for the budding (and maybe not so budding) QRP DXer to keep in reserve in the ol' brain box.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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