Monday, December 01, 2014


I've been asked by Andreas OE8APR to spread the word about a project he has launched called "Socialhams" (I see that Roger G3XBM must have received the same e-mail).  It seems to be another attempt at a Web based social media site for Amateur Radio operators.  Here's what he sent (with a bunch of photos):

Introduction to socialhams
Socialhams is a community for ham radio operators. It combines features known from typical social networks with ham radio related ones. To join socialhams all you need is a valid email address and obviously a ham radio callsign. It’s as simple as that!

As registered member of socialhams you can freely meet like-minded people as well as join the Chat, write Blog and Forum posts, start Polls, create Groups and Events. Photos, Videos and Files can be embedded or uploaded to your profile and many other sections too.

The iPhone App, allows you to browse profiles, watch photos and videos, upload photos, send mail, and lots more. All from your iPhone! And if you have an Android-powered device, our Android App lets you use socialhams while on the go, right from your own handset.

You can meet people; chat online; check our top rated, featured items; read about popular topics; wish someone special on his/her birthday; match your interests; and even take advantage of our elaborate people search option.

You will also find unique ham radio related modules:

·       DX Cluster
o   Use the DX Cluster feature to make that contact or Spot one for the rest of the community! The DXCluster tool allows users to locate and spot other Amateur Radio operators transmitting on specific frequencies to make those rare contacts or find that missing location you’ve been searching for.
o   This is the world first HTML5 web socket based DXCluster client
·       Logbook
o   The socialhams logbook allows you to record those important Amateur Radio contacts. This tool gives members the ability to add, edit, organize and sort their contacts all in one convenient location.
·       APRS Map
o   The APRS feature will display the location of any APRS station in the viewable area. This feature also provides each member with the ability to send a message from socialhams to any APRS device with messaging capability.
·       NCDXF Beacon
o   The Beacon Map displays the location, status and the current or future action of each NCDXF beacon in the network. By listening for each beacon on each band you can determine which bands are open and to what part of the world.
·       World clock
o   The World Clock allows each user to stay up to date with the time on any part of the globe. Users can also keep track of the Grey line as it moves to make use of this unique propagation condition.
·       Library
o   Collection of various documents like manuals, schematics, spreadsheets, etc
·       Elmer’s corner
o   The Elmer corner allows any socialhams member to create and publish a tutorial or guide for the entire community to use. Become an Elmer today!!

In our Feedback section, you can post your questions, comments, regards, etc. without any restrictions. Of course, you must strictly avoid obscenity, rude language, and abide by terms of socialhams. To cater for a wider ham radio community, all our features are offered in both English as well as German. Additional languages are in preparation.

We steadily improve existing functions as well as develop new interesting ham radio related modules. At the moment we are hardly work on a Geophysics and SOTA module. All our work in process modules can be previewed on our development site, additionally all our developments are available as Git repository on We would be happy to find developers that are interested in joining the project.

To enjoy the unique socialhams experience, all you need to do is sign up!

Disclaimer: Seems harmless enough. I have no affiliation or pecuniary interest in this whatsoever. My only goal here is to help a fellow Amateur Radio op out, if I can.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. He wrote me as well Larry. But I want to know what the advantage is of this "social" website and will not write about it before I did have a look around on the website. 73, Bas

  2. Good evening Larry, I too received an email from him and as of yet I have not had time to look into it.