Friday, February 20, 2015

Steve WG0AT test Drives the new LNR QRP rig

Certainly sounds nice and looks good, doesn't it?

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. I liked the fact the menu is only one level deep with ~20 user adjustable items. Also on SSB having processing + EQ available to punch up your audio really helps being heard when you're QRP! They'd sell out if it had an integrated ATU. I imagine they'll have a 5-band EFHW soon to bundle with it. Crazy not too. Meanwhile T1 is packed with it ready to hit the trail for next SOTA!

  2. Steve,

    A reader mentioned that he's looking forward to you doing a review of the Mountain Topper. Are you going to get a chance to play with that one, also?

  3. I saw the LD-5 at the Orlando fest last weekend. It's a very cool little rig. Wish it was available as a kit.

  4. Hi Larry, Geeze the MTRv1-kit (2-bander) is 2-yrs old and the MTRv2-kit (3-bander) sold out last summer. Not much to review really most of Steve/KD1JV's designs the entire ATS-MTR series have been the ultimate CW-QRP rigs with a high performance RX, tight crystal filters and low current consumption. Yet fit into an Altoids tin. Add your antenna, key/paddle and battery of choice and you barely fill up a sandwich baggie. Demand has consistently exceeded the supply. Glad to see LNR pick up and run with his MTRv2. Will advise if I hear any news. ~ wGOATs

  5. QRP works DX especially out in the field