Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Easy as Pi

The David Sarnoff Amateur Radio Club down in Princeton, NJ has been distributing the following announcement. They're a great bunch of guys who always put together a good QRP Field Day effort every year - so I am going to post this for them:

Pi Day Special event station – N2RE Princeton, New Jersey

The David Sarnoff Radio Club will host a special event station on March 14, 2105 in conjunction with the Princeton Pi Day & Einstein Birthday Party that will be held in Princeton New Jersey. Einstein's birthday was March 14th the numeric equivalent of Pi! Princeton, NJ celebrates the amazing coincidence like no other city on earth! DSRC will join in celebrating this occasion with an amateur radio special event station.



TIME: 1300 UTC to 1900UTC (9am EDT to 3pm EDT) 

FREQUENCIES: 14.314 MHz, 21.314 MHz, 28.314 MHz USB
                          Also 40m, VHF/UHF simplex as well as CW stations may be operating

To receive a special event QSL card send a self-addressed stamped business envelope along with your QSO information (call sign, state abbreviation, band, UTC time of contact) to:
Bob Uhrik - WA2BSP
104 Knoll Way
Rocky Hill, NJ 08553-1013


My only chance will probably be UHF/VHF as they're so close to me, but you might want to unleash your inner Mathematician and give it a go. 

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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