Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Portable Ops antennas

It's ALWAYS a good thing when more information comes out. And Peter Parker VK3YE has come out with a new e-publication on the subject. And as this is a favorite topic of mine, I'll be looking into this:

Hand-carried QRP antennas     (by Peter Parker VK3YE)

Hand-carried QRP antennas is the new book that takes the mystery out of portable antennas.  After inviting you to assess your needs, it discusses the pros and cons of popular types.  Its style is brisk and practical with almost no maths.

Many ideas for cheap but good materials suitable for portable antennas are given.   Beginners and those returning to radio after a break should especially find this section handy. 

Finally there’s construction details on a variety of simple but practical antennas and accessories suitable for portable operating.  All have been built and tested by the author over almost 30 years of successful QRP activity.  

Hand-carried QRP antennas is an ebook readable on most devices.  It’s the author’s second book, following on from the top-selling Minimum QRP, released last year.


72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. The More Information link is not working quite right.

  2. Peter is great and I always enjoy his YouTube videos. I love his casual style and the way he puts his FT-817 to the test. Usually there is sand and dirt all over the radio as he operates. That is a great testimonial to that rig. Thanks for sharing this Larry. I purchased his first book and I'll get this one for sure.