Sunday, December 10, 2023

Busy, busy weekend

Too many chores, too many responsibilities to have much Amateur Radio fun this weekend.  No HF for me, although this was Amateur Radio Exam Saturday for my team. We had two candidates. One earned his Technician class license. The other candidate got his Tech last month only to come back yesterday and pass both the General and Extra elements.

In the evening, some members of our CERT Team, including yours truly got together to help with pedestrian control at the South Plainfield Christmas Parade and Christmas Tree lighting.

From left to right, that's our OEM Coordinator. Captain Wendell Born who was off duty, but came with his family to enjoy the festivities, Mayor Matt Anesh, Tim AB2ZK, W2LJ, Bill W2AOF, Sharon Padula, and Councilman Derryck White. Although they were there in their official capacities, both Mayor Anesh and Councilman White are also CERT members. Matt's father is John Anesh AB2VE, another South Plainfield Amateur Radio op.

This event was supposed to be held tonight, but was moved to Saturday because it's raining cats and dogs here tonight.  It's 62F right now, but when I leave for work tomorrow morning there will probably be something like a 30 degree drop in temperature. A cold front is supposed to come ripping through overnight. 

So far, we've received 0.60" of rain today. When all is said and done and this front moves through, the forecast is for close to 2 inches.

UPDATE: We're up to 1.70" of rain from this event since it began yesterday afternoon. The temperature did drop overnight, it was 39F when I left the house and it's 34F here at work. There were some wet snowflakes hitting the windshield during the commute in. As far as I am able to tell, there were no thunderstorms accompanying the cold front moving in.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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