Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Santa was very good this year!

As hinted to me, Santa did leave the Elecraft AX1 and 40 Meter extender under the Tree. And while I was thrilled with that, I got another gift from my beautiful wife, Marianne - that were I kid, I would have hated. But this time, I loved it!

Let's be honest, OK? When you were little, say a tyke anywhere from age five on up. what would have been your general reaction to finding a box with socks in it left for you under the Christmas Tree?  "Socks? Santa left me stinkin' socks?"  You probably would have tossed them over your shoulder and resumed opening the packages with the "good stuff", right?

Well, these were left under the tree for me:

Where she found these, I'll never know - maybe Etsy? Where in the world do you find socks with towers, rigs and "73" in Morse Code on them? These are the coolest thing ever! And not only are the socks cool enough in and of themselves, but the fact that Marianne took the time to find them for me is priceless! She is the light of my life and always did and always will have my heart forever!

In the afternoon, we left for my sister's house and spent the afternoon there, watching football, having a wonderful dinner, and just spending time together, enjoying being a family. Truly, all the gifts, lights, tinsel and glitz of Christmas are merely "icing on the cake".  The best part of Christmas is being with the people that you love and treasure. 

I sincerely hope your Christmas Day was as special and enjoyable as mine was.

And in a special way, to all my readers in the land of my ancestors: Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia i Nowego Roku!

72 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. An AX1 and HamSox? What a lovely, thoughtful wife you have. Sounds just like mine. All the best to you both. 73, Tom, M7MCQ.