Friday, December 29, 2023

New Year Weekend

Coming up this weekend:


RAC Winter Contest -

YOTA Contest -

Stew Perry Topband Challenge -

Original QRP Contest -

ARS Spartan Sprint -

Special Events:

01/01/2023 | Plano Amateur Radio Klub 50th Anniversary Special Activation Jan 1-Dec 31, 0000Z-2359Z, K5PRK/50, Plano, TX. Plano Amateur Radio Klub . 14.160. QSL. Plano Amateur Radio Klub, Box 860435, Plano, TX 75086. Commemorating the klubs 50th Anniversary in 2023, klub members will be activating the klub callsign K5PRK with a /50 suffix, throughout the year.

01/05/2023 | Vasteras Radio Klubb 80th Anniversary Jan 5-Dec 31, 0000Z-2359Z, 8S80AA, Vasteras, SWEDEN. Vasteras Radio Klubb. All bands, all modes; 2 - 160 meters. Certificate. . This is an operating event.

01/01/2024 | Peace in the World - Jan 1-Jan 30, 0000Z-0000Z, VE2JCW, ST-JEROME, QC. VE2JCW. 14.030. QSL. Jean Charron, 17 rue ELISABETH, ST-JEROME, QC J7Z 2S9, CANADA. To bring a little peace in this upside down world...just a contact and a smile of satisfaction...

And don't forget SKN - Straight Key Night -  ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® Straight Key Night (SKN) is held on January 1, 2024, from 0000 UTC through 2359 UTC. Many hams look forward to SKN as one of the highlights of their operating year. Operators participate using Morse code (CW). All you need is your favorite straight key or bug. Many participants dust off vintage radios and keys and put them back into service each year just for this event. SKN is not a contest, so there's no need for quick exchanges. However, all hand keys, regardless of age, are welcome. The number of contacts you make is not important. The reward is meeting new friends as you get together on the air. Send a list of stations contacted, SKN stories and photos, and your votes for Best Fist and Most Interesting QSO to by January 31, 2024. More information is available at

Every morning this week, I thought to myself, "When I get home tonight, I'm going to hook up the AX1 to my KX3 after dinner and see what I can hear."

HA! BIG HA! That last shot I got on December 18th, as the final part of my prostate cancer treatment has really kicked my butt big time! It must have been a double dose or something,  as it was all I could do to eat dinner, watch Jeopardy and then crawl into bed by 8:00 PM each night this week.

The plan is to finally get the AX1 hooked up this weekend and work a few stations. There's not too much going on this weekend other than my weekly grocery shopping trip, and I have to go to the local tire center as it appears that my back driver's side tire has a slow leak. We're not going anywhere or doing anything for New Year's Eve - so hopefully, I'll get a lot of rest in as well as some On The Air time.

72 de Larry W2LJ

QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Good afternoon Larry, hope you are feeling better soon. All the best in the New Year to you and your family.