Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fancy !!! ... and first impressions

The new fancy-shmancy ARRL Website was unveiled today. The servers must have been burning this morning; because when I tried to log in an got a "busy - please try later" message.

This afternoon, I had more success logging in. It's nice, it's pretty and I spent a little, but not too much time poking around. The one thing I did notice right away was that they no longer seem to be listing the Hams who hold the QRP DXCC certificate. On the old Website, the list was last updated 9/14/2009. I thought on the new site, there would be a current list. Looks like now, there's no list!

Under the "Operating Specialties" section, QRP has a nice page. The Web links section is kind of light. Some are really good; but some others, I can't quite figure out why they were included. I think I would have added a few links to field deployable antennas - but that's just me. The club section left out the North American QRP CW Club as well as the North Georgia QRP Club, which in my opinion, was a faux pas.

At least the two major mailing lists got a mention ..... qrp-l and qrp-l.org.

I guess in time, things will get added and changed. For the first day, the new ARRL Website looks nice!

72 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Very impressive. I expect they must have paid quite a bit to professional web designers for it. But they did a good job. I think it was worth it.