Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday


  1. Hi Larry, as a child, when I read the gospel I cried when I read about the suffering of Jesus Christ. Later on when I saw the movie 'The Passion of Christ' in the cinema, I must cry again. On Good Friday I think always about the suffering of Christ. 73 Paul

  2. What an awesome picture, Larry. Even better is the One it represents. Did you catch the news where someone wanted to changed the name from Good Friday to Spring Holiday? One of these days...

  3. Floyd,

    Yeah, I caught that. How come everyone is worried about offending people because of the name of a Christian Holy Day? I'm sure that if I moved to Israel, no one would give a rat's patoot if the name Passover "offended" me (it doesn't) or if I moved to Saudi Arabia if the name Ramadan "offended" me (it doesn't).

    Seems like too many people in the US are overanxious to be offended.

    I just don't get it.

    Larry W2LJ