Saturday, April 03, 2010

Got a few things done.

It was a fruitful Ham Radio day today, so far.

I finished putting the last of the coats of clear lacquer onto the case of the PFR3A. I put on a total of four coats. The Rustoleum instructions said that additional coats could be done after 30 minutes of the first coat; or after 24 hours. So yesterday, I put on the two initial coats and an additional two today. The finish is a super high gloss and you cannot see the edges of the decals. But you can still tell they are decals as the decal area looks a bit darker than the rest of the finish. I suppose I am being super picky here; but for a $200 kit, a silk screened enclosure would have been much, much better. I would have gladly payed and extra $20 to have that done, if that was the cost.

Decals and homemade labels are just fine for projects I whip up myself. Heck, I'm not disappointed when a homebrew project doesn't come out looking like a commercial kit. I'm not a commercial kit producer - although I should aim my sights that high for my own projects, shouldn't I? But still, I expect something that I put down a good chunk of coin for to look a bit better than this.

I also got the Jackson Harbor Press LC Meter kit finished; and it works great! I have to shorten up the leads to piezo buzzer a bit and I really should install a little on/off switch in line with the battery. But it is now in one of the 4 States QRP Group's clear top cases and is a proud addition to my meager set of test equipment. I will get a picture posted soon.

I also futzed around (i.e. not a serious effort) in the QRP ARCI Spring QSO Party for a bit this afternoon. Ron WB3AAL posted that 15 Meters was open; but I did not hear any activity there. I spent the little time I had this afternoon on 20 Meters and made a few contacts. I wish I had the aluminum up in the air that Bob N4BP has! He was working stations left and right - stations I couldn't even hear! So while the K2 was sending "CQ QRP" I was twiddling around with other stuff in between the few contacts I made. Hopefully 40 Meters will be busier tonight.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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