Monday, April 05, 2010

More PFR3A trials and tribulations

So ...... I started the "final" wiring tonight. Binding posts mounted fine, BNC connector mounted fine, DPDT antenna switch mounted fine ...... external power jack did NOT mount fine. It appears the stupid hole for the connector was machined just a bit too small. I could have tried screwing the jack in; but that would have damaged the threads for the mounting nut.

So, I unmounted the circuit board and rummaged through the tool chest to find a tapered reamer. Ten minutes of VERY careful hand reaming and I was able to mount the external power jack. Lest you think it was a case of too much clear spray gumming up the hole, I ended up with a tiny pile of metal shavings. Either the hole was machined too small; or I received a mutant external power jack on steroids.

Again, in the scheme of things, this was NOT a big deal and I was able to solve the problem quite easily. BUT, it seems to me, that I shouldn't have had to do this. This isn't an ATS-3B where I'm homebrewing an enclosure out of an Altoids tin. Things like this just make Elecraft look better and better.

No longer in the mood to carry on, I will get the actual wiring done tomorrow night.

72 de Larry W2LJ


  1. Paul N0NBD9:56 PM

    Sorry to hear of more problems. That has to be taking the luster off what should be a good build of a neet rig for the paul N0NBD

  2. I sure hope you like that rig once you're done with it, after all you've been through!

  3. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Except that the functionality of the Hendricks PFR3A is much better than the KX1 for a fraction of the price, so its kind of unfair comparison to Elecraft. Myself, Elecraft makes fine gear but I don't see myself ever owning any unless I catch a ridiculously low priced used unit. Their gear is very expensive for what it is. I'm looking forward to building a PFR3x in the near future...Jason - N6WBL