Thursday, April 22, 2010

Have to give credit where credit is due ....

Same repeater .... 24 hours later.

A newbie Ham comes on the repeater and the red carpet is rolled out for him. The gang on the repeater did a great job giving advice, recommending places to find reasonably priced used gear, the whole lock stock and barrel. Turns out the gentleman was licensed a long time ago and is getting back into the hobby. He was given the royal "welcome back" and it was a nice thing to listen to.

I have to give credit where credit is due. This was a case of Hams helping Hams at its best. I have no idea why the difference from yesterday; but it was good to hear, nonetheless.

The weather is not looking good here for QRP To The Field for Saturday. A high of 69F, which is actually pretty good; but on and off rain showers all day. I might end up operating from the back yard where I can pull the station inside in a hurry, if need be. I still have my fingers crossed for sunny weather so I can make the outing to the park that I operated from last year during QRPTTF.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Hi Larry, I read your posting yesterday and I understand what you mean. I do recognize the same thing here. Most of the time QSO's are pleasant. But sometimes... a few days ago I opened up a repeater om 430 MHz and the operators there said 'your are living too far away for this repeater.' Huh? They could hear me well. Some operators think they own the repeater. Always the same operators, and the danger of a clique is always there. But so far most experiences are good. Last week I heard a German station on a local 2 meter repeater and he was calling CQ in German. But that sounds for Dutch as 'Sea Cow' A Dutch radio amateur said: 'There are no sea cows in the North Sea' And neglect the German radio amateur. I think it's a rude manner. Have a nice day, the weather here will be very nice for the weekend. So portable operation is great. 73 Paul