Saturday, February 09, 2008

Another plug for Win-EQF

This has got to be a record for me - three posts in one day! But I got chased off the air as I just heard a few loud claps of thunder. Time to pull the switch; so I might as well post here.

I was rudely interrupted by the elements during a QSO with George W3ANX. Turns out we had a QSO almost to the day, three years ago. George had noted it in his opening comments; and I saw that when I entered his call sign into Win-EQF. The beauty thing about it though, was that I was able to make notes of that last QSO in Win-EQF's more than ample Notepad that accompanies each entry. I was actually able to ask George about a future project that he had talked about last time. Not only did he answer the question; but I think he was quite surprised that I had even remembered it.

To me, that Notepad is the best feature of Win-EQF; and it's that feature which keeps bringing me back even when I'm silly enough to venture forth and explore other logging programs.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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