Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ham Radio operators are a danger ......

Oh .... this is good!

Well, as a QRPer, I guess I would be considered acceptable to the Earth Liberation Front. But there's something about these kind of hysterics and tactics that really gets me stoked.

I wonder if any of these folks have ever used a cell phone or sat in front of a TV screen; or used an electric blanket, or a microwave oven?

Before they go off on a tirade - they really should do a little research and get their facts straight. Do you know anybody in your neighborhood that REGULARLY uses the full gallon? I don't.

And, yeah, the poster was probably a troll; but I still got rankled.

73 de Larry W2LJ


  1. I know of NONE here...they all need to do more with less. I'd hate to think I needed a KW to work a little DX.

    I've always been amazed at the "bigger is better" line of thought.Don't get me wrong (to each their own)but the "cost vs fun" diminishes quickly for me the longer I think about the expenses and the "lightening rods" up in the sky.

    I'll aways prefer to operate QRP.

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    These ELF nitwits are probably the most visible of the "Earth First" crowd. They espouse the belief that the world would be better off without humans, but lacking the ability to wipe humanity out as a species, they satisfy themselves with burning down houses, even entire sub-divisions, and vandalizing peoples cars. All this in an effort to return humanity to the stone age and limit the effects of human activity on the Earth.