Saturday, September 05, 2009

A week later, I did bag #95

I snagged my 95th DXCC entity tonight using QRP; and it was NOT the station in Sardinia that I had heard last Saturday night. This station was a lot closer to home in the Caribbean, St. Martin to be exact.

Twiddling around 40 Meters, I heard and worked FS/W6IZT who is vacationing (I would imagine) on the island of St. Martin. I checked out Gregg's home call on QRZ; and from the looks of the picture he has posted, he likes to take his K2/100 on vacation with him. His QRZ photo shows him operating from Maui on a previous Hawaiian vacation, with a nice portable station (K2, computer and key).

Other than Gregg, I did not hear anything "new" DX-wise on 40 meters tonight. I heard some German, Hungarian and Polish stations; as well as CO6RD from Cuba. I tried working SNØPL, who was quite loud; but no dice. I've worked Poland many, many times QRP so it was not a big disappointment. However, since Poland is the homeland of my ancestors, I always like to work Polish stations whenever I hear them.

Going through the blogroll today, I enjoyed K3NG's post about MFJ. I agree with him that they are pretty much maligned. I know that not every product that they offer is always 100% perfect; but I always bristle at the "Mighty Fine Junk" moniker. Hey, they must be doing a good job filling the niche that Woody describes; as Martin Jue was elected into the QRP Hall of Fame this past May at FDIM.

Today was a beautiful day in Central New Jersey with blue skies and high temps around 83 degrees. Tomorrow promises more of the same in store, with temperatures just a little bit cooler. I am hoping to set up the K1 and the Buddistick for a bit in the backyard for a little while tomorrow afternoon for a little outdoor QRPing. Also, W3BBO reminded me that later this month is QRP Afield, which will probably be the last big outdoor QRP event this year. My goal tomorrow would to get the Buddistick elevated on a painter's pole to diminish any ground losses and see if I can notice any difference from when I use it on its tripod.

Monday night is a big QRP Sprint night if you are so inclined. The monthly ARS SpartanSprint is Monday night; and I believe that the Michigan QRP Club Labor Day Sprint is also Monday night. I will not be participating as Labor Day is the big Summer event here in South Plainfield. We host one of the two Labor Days parades that are held in New Jersey. That takes place in the morning; and I will be up at the crack of dawn, assisting my CERT team in providing Amateur Radio communications. There are parties and barbecues being held throughout the day; and at dusk is our town's yearly fireworks display. The family and I will be watching that from the Sacred Heart School grounds. That will be proceeded by a big cookout which will begin at 5;00 PM.

The weather promises to be beautiful the next two days - the perfect way to "end" Summer.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. It's always nice to have a new DXCC country. Since a year of QRP-ing I have 66 DXCC countries worked. 95 is a very nice score. Yes, I read the article about MFJ stuff, I wonder can't they solder properly? I heard this several times and I am afraid to buy MFJ equipment. Have a nice Sunday, 73, Paul PC4T