Friday, March 19, 2010


In Ham Radio, as we all know, there are a ton of awards to be had .... WAS, WAC, DXCC, WAZ, Worked All Counties and the like.

But then there are other awards ..... like "Amateur of the Year", which is awarded each year at the Dayton Hamvention. This year that well deserved award is being given to a Ham that I personally know - Jim Stafford W4QO.

Not only is Jim a great devotee and supporter of all that is QRP; but he is also one fine gentleman. I first met Jim on 40 Meter CW back in September of 2005. We were in a QSO (that was the year I did at least one QRP QSO every day for the entire year) when my son Joey, who was very small at the time started crying in his bedroom. Like any concerned parent, I dropped what I was doing and immediately went to see what was the matter. Joey was having a nightmare and needed some comforting. I sat with him until he fell asleep again and only then went back to the radio.

You know what? Jim was there waiting for me! He was concerned by my sudden drop off and stayed on frequency until I got back. Now that is not only a GREAT Amateur Radio op; but also an instant friend.

Jim and I have QSOed various times since then. He will always be one of my most favorite people in this hobby. Congratulations on the honor, Jim - you most certainly deserve it!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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