Friday, March 19, 2010

Moving onward.

Tonight I managed to find a little spare time and finished up the transmitter section of the PFR3A and have moved onto the low pass filter section - Group 4. It seems a little bit odd to be soldering devices again instead of troubleshooting and looking for answers to problems. I hope to get the Group 4 section done over the weekend. There's not that many passive components to solder in; but there will be a few coils to wind and mount.

This weekend looks like a great one weather-wide with highs expected to go above 70F tomorrow. So not only will it be a great day for the Cherryville Hamfest tomorrow; but it will also be a great day for doing some outdoor chores. Maybe raking up the last of the leaves that were wind blown onto my property over the Winter and stuff like that. And hey, isn't tomorrow or Sunday the first day of Spring? Goodbye Ol' Man Winter - don't let the glass hit your ....... backside on the way out the door! I will NOT be sorry to see you exit.

Getting back to the topic of tomorrow's Hamfest. There isn't really anything in particular that I need or am looking to buy. A good pair of diagonal cutters, maybe - some solder wick perhaps; or maybe the mandatory little bag of PL-259s. My eyes will always be on the lookout for small project boxes and various odds and ends like that. Maybe a roll of copper antenna wire to replace the G5RV this Spring. It's been up for over a dozen years and I was thinking that maybe an 88 foot Extended Double Zepp might play better on some of the bands.

In any event, I'll report back here tomorrow on how the first Hamfest of the season went.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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