Saturday, March 27, 2010

PFR3A status

This morning, before leaving for Cara's last cheer leading competition of the year, I did manage to get to Greenbrook Electronics. I purchased a spool of 24 gauge magnet (enamel coated) wire for what I consider to be the outrageous price of $22.50 plus tax. But, it's a lifetime supply, so I'll never have to buy more.

This evening, after dinner and all else had calmed down, I did manage to rewire T3 and get it soldered in. The PFR3A recommended leaving T3 a little "up and off" the circuit board as the transformer sits right above one of the slide switches. I did that, but since I'm paranoid, I also managed to wedge in a small piece of electrical tape over the switch pins so there's no chance of accidental contact.

Tomorrow evening, I will hook up the BNC connector and will attach my Oak Hills Research QRP Wattmeter and a dummy load to see how much power I am getting out. After that, the biggest "challenge" will probably be to get the decals mounted on the enclosure without butchering anything up. Once the decals are mounted, it will be time to protect them with several coats of clear lacquer or polyurethane. Since warm weather will be on its way soon, that will be done outdoors to minimize the possibility of asphyxiating myself.

You know, when I was having so much trouble with the receiver section, I silently swore to myself that I would never purchase anything from Hendricks QRP Kits again. I may have to eat those words as I an seriously thinking of purchasing the RF Probe/Tracer-Injector combo. Two nice little tools to have at my disposal.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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