Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh boy !!

This story has NOTHING to do with radio. Well, almost nothing; but my wife and I got a kick out of it, so I am going to relay it here.

A little background. I belong to Sacred Heart Roman Catholic church here in South Plainfield. I also belong to the local Knights of Columbus Council here in town. Every year during Lent, we have a community fish dinner each Friday. The proceeds go to help the church and school. If you're a Knight and you help with the dinner - either by cooking, or cleaning up, you get a discounted dinner.

Today, I couldn't stay to help clean up as I normally do. I had a radio club meeting tonight (see, there is a tiny little bit of radio involvement here). When I entered the school building, I told Gene, a brother Knight, who was taking admission money that I was paying "full boat" as I couldn't stay to help with clean up. I gave him a $10 dollar bill and expected to get $2 in change, as regular price is $8. He gave me $3 back. I handed him a dollar back and said, "Gene, you gave me too much, I should only get $2 back." He looked at me and said in a real serious tone, "I charged you the Senior Citizen price".

Oh boy! I know I have a lot of gray hair; but I didn't expect that! Anyway, even at $8, this is a good deal. You get your choice of fried or baked fish (flounder) or fish parmigiana. Your side dish is a choice of french fries, macaroni and cheese, or ravioli. You also get cole slaw, a salad, bread and butter, coffee, tea or a soft drink and dessert. Really generous portions and a lot for your $8.

The repeater club meeting went well. It was the first one Ive been to in a long time; and it was nice to see some old familiar faces, as well as the chance to meet some new folks. The repeater was recently located to a new site and tower and the coverage is looking like it is going to be significantly better. Since the Piscataway club is now defunct, I think I will try to make a regular appearance at these meetings in order to keep in touch with the local Ham population. A lot of PARC members are also members of this club.

72 de Larry W2LJ


  1. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Not sure if your actually old enough yet, Larry. Try getting a "senior" coffee at McDonalds. That's the proof of the pudding! Enjoy your senior moments! Hi. Bob W3BBO

  2. I guess that's one of those 'senior' moments Larry. Wait until some pretty young lady holds the door open for you and calls you sir!

    Being like you and not quite to the senior discount moment yet, I was a little disconcerted the first time i went in McDonalds for coffee and had what looked like a 12 year-old girl give me a senior price for coffee without asking. Ouch!

    Hope you enjoy the fish fry. Back home there is a guy who has a mobile fish cooking outfit (Dan's Fish Fry) and all the churches within 100 miles hires him to provide the fish and cook it for their fund raisers. A lot of the locals follow him from fish fry to fish fry because it's just that darned good!

    73 de Jeff KE9V