Monday, March 08, 2010

The magic of QRP

and good weather are an exciting combination. Please read Jim W1PID's latest QRP adventure.

The past few days have been gorgeous here in NJ, too. Highs have been in the 50s and the snow from just a week ago is now just a memory, pretty much. There are a few patches here and there, especially where it was plowed into piles in parking lots; but for the most part, it's all gone.

In fact, yesterday, I saw the first few robins of Spring on a neighbor's lawn. The iris plants on the side of the house are looking less wilty and more robust. They won't bloom until late April or early May, perhaps; but you can tell they are on their way back.

And for me that means that portable QRP season is sooner rather than later. We have QRPTTF coming up in late April and my thoughts are more and more concentrating on another wonderful season with the K1 and the Buddistick outdoors in the warm sunshine. This season, I plan to experiment with some end-fed antennas, also. The quicker the set up, the more time for operating, which is the "Main Event", so to speak.

Hooray for Winter coming to a close! I know we can still get some cold and messy weather; but we're over the hump now - we even move the clocks ahead one hour this coming weekend.

72 de Larry W2LJ


  1. Hi Larry, I bookmarked the web site of Jim, great QRP stories. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Larry,

    Yes spring is here in the UK also, yesterday was the first day we managed to cut the grass since October last year and whilst out there 2 robins paid us a visit, as a newly passed license holder with a long time appetite for radio, my thoughts turned to portable op's in the garden, so some poles found at work will be coming home very soon.

    73 Paul.