Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Anyone familiar with HRD?

I have been playing around with HRD and have a couple of questions.  Are any of you readers familiar with the program enough to try and take a stab at a few answers?

1) I'd like to use "Custom Field 1" in order to keep track of whatever QRP rig / antenna combo I happen to be using for each QSO.  Is there a way to rename the field so that when it displays in the main logbook, it shows as "Rig/Antenna" instead of "Custom Field 1"?

2) I keep my log on three different computers - the shack laptop, the netbook and the main family computer.  I made a few entries last night and dutifully recorded my rig/antenna combo as I talked about in Question 1.  I exported the ADIF file from the shack laptop as a ADIF+HRD file.  This should have recorded all the information in all the fields.  After importing said file into the netbook, I found that the "Rig/Antenna" info didn't carry over.  What's up with that?

I'm sure I must have done something incorrectly.  I am hoping I did something incorrectly.  If this is a quirk of the program, then I'll end up sticking with AC Log.  I'd like ALL my logbook info to be on each computer.

TIA for your help, if you have any to offer!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Hi Larry:
    I've been using HRD for a while now, but I'm no expert, but maybe I can help with your second question. Instead of exporting to ADIF, I would just use the backup function which creates a .xml file in my case right in the Documents folder (you can set that option under Backup/Options. Now you can simply use the restore function and see whether your extra data is saved as you wish. Before messing around, save a backup file somewhere safe, just in case things get messed up.

    Finally I love using Dropbox ( with my different computer and devices, as they can access the same files, all I have to do is drop the file in the Dropbox folder. If you drop your backup HRD file in the Dropbox folder, it will appear on your other computer(s) (if you set them up to access Dropbox.)

    Good luck

    Amir K9CHP

  2. I would suggest not using a custom field but set up multiple saved profiles. Click on Tools / Configure / My Station and a window opens. You can have up to 10 profiles and you'll see Equipment and Antennas as 2 fields in each profile. Save up to 10 of them and when you log a new contact, on the My Station tab open when entering a new log entry, you can click on the saved profile. Does that work for you?

    Not sure about #2 but if you open the ADIF text file, do you see the info exported? Might be irrelevant if #1 works for you.

  3. Michael, AA5SH9:11 PM

    Are you using version 5 or 4? In version 5 when you go to the tab to enter in the custom field information that is a configure button you can click then you will have the opportunity to rename those fields. I would need to test but I would have thought those should follow when you export an ADIF. When you go to export it make sure you select the option that says adif+hrd

    just so you know it may be better to look at the "stations" you can configure to save rigs/antennas then recall them quickly.

    good luck


    Michael, AA5SH

  4. Anonymous1:27 AM

    I use Unison to sync log files between computers. I think it does require SSH which I have enabled on my Linux boxes, but you might have to enable on Windows. SSH has a lot of advantages to have enabled, like a secure encrypted link back to your home box so your employer can't see what you're browsing, :). SSH is also handy for updating the laptop while your wife is using it too.

    Jason - N6WBL

  5. Hello Larry, are you using HRD V4 or V5? If you are using version 5 (latest) you can easily rename the custom fields by pressing "configure" in the Custom tab of the "add" screen. Are you using HRD on all the computers? I guess so...if you're using V5 you could connect all logbooks together if you got a network connection. I don't think that ADIF supports custom fields, however if you saved it ADIF + HRD I think the info should be there. 73, Bas