Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A quick two pelts

After coming home from a Knights of Columbus meeting, it occurred to me that it was 80 Meter Foxhunt night.  80 Meters has not been a quiet band for me this winter - lots of QRN and hash.  I decided to give it a go, anyway.

I got into it late at around 02:40 UTC, so the main rush had petered itself out.  First, I heard Andy K1RA making exchanges and sending "UP", so up I sent!  Within a few minutes at 02:42 UTC, he came back to me with a 559 report and we completed our exchange.

Next, on to find the other Fox - Drew K9CW.  He was even easier as he was a loud 579 into NJ.  One call and WHAM - in the bag!  That was completed at 02:45 UTC - two Foxes within three minutes.  I have not had such a quick hunt in maybe three or four years.  And with the way band conditions have been this winter, this is one of the few "2-fers" that I have had in a while, too.

Again, oddly enough, both Foxes were louder on the Butternut than the wire, so that is what I used to snare them both.  I really have to do something new wire-wise this spring!  And I also need to lay down more radials for the HF9V this year, also.  Ahhhhh ....... antenna work - it's never done!

As an aside, if you've never tried QRP, the Foxhunts are a great way to get started, if you are so inclined.  It's not a contest; but more like trying to break a DX pileup.  The rules are very simple and can be found here. There's still quite a few hunts before the season ends.  C'mon ..... it's fun!  You should give it a try - I'd be willing to bet a donut that you'll have a blast!  And in the process you'll learn a lot about your equipment and improve your operating skills at the same time.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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